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The prompt: Write about the Pacific Ocean *Any Style*

Pacific Ocean

Placid as it resides on the ocean floor

Providing the element of life worldwide

Passionate ripples reverberate across continents, touching millions of life forms at once

Persistent destruction when combined with tumultuous tempests

Petrifying depth that can swallow you whole, yet breathtakingly mystifying at the same time




The Prompt: Write a poem about Haitian parents

Sometimes you’re left asking “what did I do?”

And 7 seconds later in the corner you ajenou

Then you stand up and exhale with pain in your knees

Better do well in school, we don’t send you there for B’s

But there’s nothing but love and culture to learn

The love’s unconditional the praise? you gotta earn

The village raises you, generations of fam

And without Haitian parents I wouldn’t be who I am

Salute Odssiaska for today’s prompt!



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